Large-scale construction

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry has evolved in its ongoing drive of offering more to stakeholders and customers. Those solutions which worked last week won't cut it in an industry where many technologies have become commodities. ICT decision-makers in the industry are looking to put money into strategic application development to help alter the business and bring capabilities to help ever-evolving processes.

The construction industry association has a thirty year track record in championing, facilitating and helping the best practice in the sector. We offer truly independent advice and facilitate authentic peer level networking and experience-sharing to encourage our members to make their performance better, as well as their competitiveness, through the efficient use of data and communication technology.

Working with client and supplier

Whether you’re on the client side as a developer or manager or on the supplier side bringing services in architecture, boiler installation, contracting, supply chain, consulting, facilities management or any of the very diverse disciplines which are part of the AEC sector, our services can help you with the growing set of challenges that you face as an ICT decision-maker in the complex world of business today.

We provide a compelling blend of dedicated research, benchmarking and services as well as focused peer-to-peer interaction and networking opportunities to enable you to offer solutions to your ICT and business problems.

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