Garden building and design

As well as dealing with building construction, we offer garden design and building services – whether you’re after a new gazebo or a gorgeous flowerbed.


Our designs are driven by the question: How do we awaken the spirit of the place in order that it can provide rest, retreat, refreshment?

Our designers are friendly and approachable, and take the time to really listen to a client's needs. They have an eye for balance, focus, texture and colour and the horticultural knowledge to produce a perfect garden to last a lifetime.

Decking and paving

Using a range of sustainably-grown or recycled woods, we can extend your available living space, or cover unsightly surfaces, with a stylish deck that complements your home and garden. Perhaps you’re looking to lay down some paving slabs or artificial grass in your garden.


By installing professional lighting to your garden you double its usability. Setting a tone for entertaining or romance, or safely navigating the pathway in the evening, lighting's role is important in a functional garden. We are lucky to have lighting experts on staff who can create an "after hours" garden as alluring as the one you use during the day.

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