Finding a new home, especially over long distances, is rarely an easy business so we will do all the hard work for you.

Businesses often use 08 numbers throughout printed advertising and on their website's to bring benefits like offering free phone calls for potential customers and to look like a bigger company than they actually are (this list isn’t exhaustive by any means).

You can find 0844 numbers for businesses online by doing a simple search on your favourite search engine. Whether you decide on an 0800, 0844 or 0845 number depends entirely on what you want to achieve by having the number, all have their pros and cons.

Many businesses don't expand because they are worried about the upheaval of either moving premises or of extending their existing premises, especially during tough economic times when the future is uncertain. However, there is a third option for many businesses whose premises are warehouses, which often isn't thought about, and that is installing a mezzanine floor to provide extra space.

A mezzanine floor can be installed quite quickly and easily, and can double your space. The construction process can take longer if you require electricals and plumbing on the additional floor although our maintenance providers work quickly and to a high standard. This is great in warehouses, as often there is a huge amount of wasted space above the warehouse floor.

The new floor can be used for offices, storage or production, expanding your business without the risk. Construction companies will design and build them to fit your space and needs.

Maintaining Your Premises

Whether you are looking to expand your business to a new location or you are expanding your current property, you should get all potential properties surveyed every ten years to minimise damage and to protect the structure for a longer period of time.

Even the more modern buildings can suffer from water damage or rotting within the structure and although the symptoms may not be clear, the damage can be harmful to the working environment and financially.

Whether you are building new offices from scratch, completely redesigning your existing offices or just tweaking your office to improve it, taking time for planning your space properly is vital.

Your best bet is to contact a specialist office design and fit out company, as they have the knowledge, skills and equipment to carry out a full site survey and draw up CAD plans to make sure you get the best out of your office space for employees and customers.

Our maintenance providers cover most aspects of ongoing work that your premises will require. From boiler repairs and maintenance to fast and efficient plumbing. BBS Plumb and Heat are based in London so they are used to the quick paced demands of those who need maintenance work completed.

We will reduce the amount of time, energy and money you have to spend on finding a property.

You will benefit from our comprehensive local property knowledge, our experience and our contacts.

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